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Meditate, an Air Purifier that’s perfect for your home. A peaceful experience inside, stunning looks outside.

Powering Meditate at its core is the revolutionary SpaceTech Air Purification Technology, which is inspired from the technology used in the International Space Station to purify air.

Say Good-Bye To Dust (PM1, PM2.5, PM10) Pollens, Bacteria, Fungal Mold, Microbiological impurities and VOCs In The Most Stylish Way Possible

It comes with an external portable Air Quality Monitor that doubles up as a remote.


    Fully functional as remote and Air Quality Indicator. The device displays the AQI and can be used as a remote.


    The device displays the AQI using the LED indicator. The display is off to conserve battery.


    Take the device to other areas in the house to check AQI.

An industry-first IoT enabled Air Purifier that is suitable for large spaces and comes with a wireless charger.

Control and monitor your device with just a few clicks .Works with Havells SYNC App, Alexa and Google Assistant.